Produce of product development
  • What are those products which lead the market?
    Office location in Tokyo and Osaka(Horie) always gives us the best opportunities to catch and create market trend, demand and requirement.
  • What are those salable products to the users with clear expection ?
    These expectations differ from sex, age bloc, lifestyle. We offer the best solution providing with clear planing according to the individual expectation.
  • What are those products markets require and accept ?
    Solutions are different from market segments as like big supply chain stores, homecenters, interiot shops, Web shop, etc. Each designated solution is available accordingly.
  • How do we incorporate new technique to add and create new value of product ?
    Our offering of each solution is based on various experience in wide rage of market segments such as house commodities, sports & leisure articles and etc. without fixed idea but with frexible and creative idea.
  • What is required to make customers properly accept and appreciate the products ?
    For those items which stand for core concept of the product, in such case of creating packaging design, logo sign and leaflets, it is essencial to fully understand its value of the product so as to get success.

As for processing the product development, firstly we listen carefully and comply with all the exchanging and sharing ideas with you, and then get each process rolling.


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